Hat Sizes

Size  cm
Small 56-57cm
Medium 58-59cm
Large 60-61cm
Extra Large 62-63cm


How to find the perfect size hat?

1. Remove any hairstyles or hair adornments that might affect the measurements. Remove any braids, bun, ponytail and/or any clips, barrettes, or other accessories that might alter the measurements.

2. Use a flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape. If you don’t have a flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape, you can use a non-stretchy piece of string. Wrap it around your head, mark the circumference of your head and measure it flat against a ruler.

3. Place the measuring tape about 2.5 cm above the tops of your ears. 

4. Wrap the tape around the back to rest in the middle of the back of your head. Pull the tape around the back of the head, making sure to keep it in place across the forehead. You should place the tape so it sits in the middle of the bone, which is the small bump that you can feel at the back of the head.

5. Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly around the head, or you won’t get an accurate measurement.

6. Repeat. Measure your head twice to get an accurate measurement.


How to measure your head